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Certified Engine Rebuilder of the GM 604 Crate Motor




REDI is a full service machine shop specializing in custom performance engine machining and building.  We have the knowledge and expertise to work on your engine whether it is your every day grocery getter, or a supercharged street runner, or a high performance engine that runs circles, straight lines, or pulls a sled. 

2013 Race Season

Shane Poehnelt wins 50 Lap Showdown
Race @ Dells Raceway Park

Dale Chestnut wins 2013 Season
Championship in the Classix Division

Jarlsberb wins 3rd feature
at Jefferson Speedway

Jay Brendle takes home a Trophy Dash
and Feature Win at Sycamore Speedway

Jarlsberg wins Piggly Wiggly 50
at Jefferson Speedway

Shane Poehnelt wins
at Dells Raceway Park

Jarlsberg wins the Radio Doctor 50
at Jefferson Speedway

S.E.A.L Names REDI as
authorized crate engine rebuilder. 

2012 Race Season

Jay Brendle picks up Trophy Dash
and Feature Win at Sycamore Speedway

Tom Wutke wins Feature
at MIS in the Sportsmen division

Jay Brendle picks up Another feature
win at Sycamore Speedway

Kyle Jarlsberg wins feature
at Jefferson Speedway

Kevin Knuese wins qualifying
race at MIS

Dale Chestnut sweeps the weekend at RedBud
MX (Buchanan, MI) in the CLASSIX Division

REDI is the ONLY Certified Engine Rebuilder for S.E.A.L., Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders in Wisconsin.  In addition REDI is an Authorized Rebuilder for Madison International Speedway, and the Big 8 Late Model Series.  REDI is also certified to repair and seal 602 crate motors for the Midwest Tour Truck Series. 

Machine Services

Block Machining

  • Align Boring

  • Cam Tunnel Boring

  • Cam Pro Plus (Camshaft Measuring System)

  • Block Decking

  • Lifter Bore Truing

  • Magnafluxing & Pressure Testing

  • Block Filling

  • Cylinder Boring

  • Cylinder Honing

  • cylinder Sleeving

  • O-Ring Block

  • Metal Stitch / Crack Repair

  • Flywheel Surfacing


  • Super Flow Computerized Dyno

  • Test and tune

  • Break in


Rods and Pistons

  • Rod Resizing

  • Rod Bushing

  • Piston Flycutting & Decking

  • Piston Lightening

  • Pin Fitting

Cylinder Head

  • Custom Porting & Flow bench testing

  • Intake Manifold Fabrication

  • Volume Work (CC-Check)

  • Hardened Valve Seat Installation

  • Valve Guide Installation

  • Surface Milling

  • Seat & Weld Repair


  • Complete Rotating Assembly Balancing

  • Crankshaft & Flywheel Balancing

REDI Engine Warranty

                   Engines used in racing, competition, or used with nitrous oxide or any other alterations HAVE NO
                   WARRANTY -- NO exceptions
                   ALL engines that leave REDI are dyno-tested to ensure quality controlled break-in.  The only warranty is one
                   that is placed on specific parts by the manufacturer of those parts


2006 GTO

           2010 Camaro SS





Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


W1289 Mortensen Road


Brooklyn, WI 53521


(608) 276 - 5554